Make the most of your quarantine !

"Train and entertain yourself while supporting the economy"

WHAT IS 🍍4️⃣🍍?

In the context of the Corona Virus, some are very busy - thanks to the health care workers - but most people have more free time and can be lonely. Many of us can not work anymore, especially teachers and trainers.

The “Pineapples4pineapples” movement creates a chance for women to provide and receive training and entertainment for and from other women in the community.

A chance to stay connected and support economic activity for teachers and trainers.


Every class has a suggested participation fee. You pay upon your own situation : pay more if Corona are lucky to still have a salary, pay less if the corona has put your finance down.

Why not adding a personal message of encouragement to the trainer ...


Check out the list below. For each event, you will find a description of the class as well as of the trainer. Click on the registration link in each event description to register. That's it !


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The “Rising Pineapples” is a community which aims at empowering women around the globe. The main tool is a yearly conference happeining in Berlin on International Womens' Rights Day. This conference is driving a local community of women to share, discover and learn through a day of short powerful talks, workshops and networking.


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Articles selected for you by Olga Skipper


Articles selected for you by Olga Skipper


Delphine Mousseau

Digital Expert

I'm a working mum of 4 kids, decidedly European : born French, lived long in Amsterdam and now in Berlin. I believe that the world has been created with men and women for a reason : we are different and our differences contribute to make the world a better place.

I have been working for the last 20 years in the Digital industry and I'm happy we are getting more tools to connect people.

But nothing gets better than connecting and exchanging live ! My true hope is that this conference will be a starting point for you into a sisterhood that will lift you up beyond what you can ever imagine.

Charline Mérieau

Brand specialist

I love it when people come together to share their experiences and learn from one another. On a day-to-day basis, I co-run Root Cause, a brand strategy and design agency that helps brands grow by discovering and delivering on their social promise.

I’m a European citizen and have called Berlin my home for more than five years. Ever since I moved here, I have been involved with its vibrant startup scene, first working at Rocket Internet and then at Zalando. When I’m not playing with my dog 'Pancakes', I spend my free time advocating for digital literacy and diversity in tech. My mission is to provide you with anything you need to kick ass beyond for this year’s conference. I can’t wait to meet you!

Marie Demont

Marketing Expert

People say I am a bundle of energy, and energy is indeed what I need to take care of my 2 young children while working and also being part of a salsa performance group. I am French, born in Benin and grew up within a large family nurtured by strong and inspiring women from both sides.

I started my career in the field of Marketing 12 years ago and have since helped build multiple successful lifestyle, cosmetic, and tech brands in Switzerland, UK, Canada and Germany. In my role as a leader, I have always encouraged in particular female colleagues to reach for greater visibility and impact in the organizations I worked at, and believe the value of women’s support networks is limitless. Having been a participant in last year’s Rising Pineapples conference, I am thrilled to join the orga team this year!

Clara Pozin

Business enthusiast

I was born in South of France and grew up in Berlin and I'm currently finishing my Master in Entrepreneurship. I'm all for sustainability, alternative consumption and positive environmental impact. How to make such values and business goals work together is my primary focus.

The energy during first edition of Rising Pineapples would make anyone want to come back: It's powerful, healthy, truly kind and really helpful. It was so inspirational and empowering for me, I cannot wait to see the second edition happen and to welcome you into the movement!

Jeanne Scholz

Beauty expert

I am working in the beauty industry for 12 years now and I am happy to be able to encourage empowerment everyday. In my job I meet a lot of womenn and love the support we give each other.

Born in a small town near Münster I am now 34 years old and live in Berlin, a city which offers a lot of

excitement. In my free time I like to be creative and singing. I joined the rising pineapples volunteer

team for the 2 nd conference and was instantly amazed by the spirit and power it radiates.

Rita Bedö

Leadership Coach

I love coaching people. To see them develop, achieve their goals and reach a new level of confidence in their life is a constant source of motivation and energy for me. I have been working for 10+ years in HR in tech companies focusing on building great and happy teams and coaching leaders.

Born in Hungary and raised in Berlin & Budapest, now Berlin is my home.

After experiencing the amazingly inspiring atmosphere at the rising pineapples conference I am happy to support the collaboration and thriving of this community of wonderful women.

While waiting for our next edition, stay connected with your community. Click here to discover female associations, networks and events in Berlin.