Edition #2 ∙ Sunday March 8th 2020


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Our Theme for this year is #MEBEYOND. From showing the importance of knowing yourself, expressing and sticking to who you are despite social pressure. To using your unique talent to change beyond: beyond nay-sayers, beyond your own fear, beyond your dreams!


We have an amazing lineup of speakers and worshop leaders, who are giving their time to share their experience and expertise.

#MeBeyond stereotypes, norms and role expectations

Humans navigate the world using mental shortcuts, such as stereotypes, to prevent information overload of the brain especially in social interactions. These mechanisms lead to expectations that we might or might not fulfill but in any case, it prevents the real you to be seen right away. Being aware of expectations and knowing your real self helps you to communicate your true personality beyond stereotypes and unlock your full potential.

Theo Kauffeld, Co-founder at Equalista

Equalista, the world's first mobile learning app helping users to understand and act on gender equality. Theo believes that mobile apps can be game changers as they can combine theoretical knowledge and practical exercises to bring about real change. She is passionate about empowering women, tech4good and purpose entrepreneurship. Before starting her own company with her sister Louisa, Theo worked in typical, male-dominated industries. She calls it an interesting lesson in gender inequality and the fuel and inspiration for founding Equalista. Theo lives in Berlin and if she is not working, she can be found scouting out Berlin's great vegan restaurants or buried in a book.

The path of most resistance? Take it anyway and the magic happens.

The easiest way to get anywhere is following the path of least resistance, like water flowing down a mountain. Jenni Baum-Minkus, founder and CEO of gitti chose the path of most resistance to build up a brand. She came across many challenges, barriers and people who threw stones in her path. In the end all this led to magic happening. Jenni will talk about her path of most resistance to create a brand with a real purpose.

Jenni Baum • Founder and Managing Director at Gitti

After studying Business and International Marketing in Cologne and Barcelona, Jennifer started her career in large multinational companies like Coca-Cola and held various management positions in Germany, London and the US. She was also successful leading a female leadership program. In 2018 during a dinner party someone asked her 'What would you do if you weren't afraid' and the first thing that came into her mind was nail polish. She did not dare to say anything in this moment but she went home that night and started researching about nail polish for the first time in her life. She found out how toxic regular nail polish still can be and knew that she needed to change this. After 1,5 years of research and development, she launched the first gitit collection in April 2019 which has been sold out in less than 2 hours. If Jenni is not revolutionizing the nail polish industry, she practices yoga. She loves indoor cycling, veggies and cooking with friends and family.

Stepping into the unknow

Stepping into the unknown to have the life your heart desires is a scary and daunting move to make. Yet, if we remain paralyzed by fear and the opinions of our tribe, we rob ourselves of the opportunity to live a life of fulfillment, joy, ease, and grace.

How do we take the step to achieve our goals when everything and everyone in your environment is saying your plans are unrealistic? How do we move beyond our fears and step into our divine power when the reality is one with limited material and financial resources? Even though our dreams may seem unattainable, we can create the life we deserve.

I'll be sharing my insights into how we can take the bold step into the unknown and begin our journey towards our dreams, trusting that all that we need to succeed is already available.

Dr. Taniesha Burke • Family Relationship Coach, Parent Educator, Developmental Psychology Scientist

She has over ten years of experience working with youths and families around the Caribbean, USA, Canada, and Germany. Dr. Burke helps parents to build healthy, resilient, connected families, and find joy in their parenting journey through her parent coaching services, parenting courses, and workshops. She believes the future of our society lies in the health and stability of the family.

How to use your feminine energy to support your life & business

We all want to feel successful at work and stay balanced at the same time.The way to get there is NOT to push ahead, work harder or put more hours in so that we can rest after... but actually to learn to slow down, to relax, to receive more and to bring more pleasure into your life as you go.

Your feminine energy IS a Super Power, and is often sadly an untapped source of power for a lot of women. When you learn to connect to it and tap into your own body's unique tempo and wisdom, you are able to create balance within and feel confident, clear and empowered in your life.

I'll be sharing about concrete tools to activate your feminine energy and how to use it for you to thrive.

Camille Busson Thompson • Empowerment Coach for Women, jade egg specialist and a mother-of-two.

With a passion for helping women navigate self-love, sex and confidence to follow their own passion after kids, Camille teaches how to create empowerment on all levels so that mothers can step out and make the lifestyle of their dream a reality.

She hosts a weekly podcast "Beyond Motherhood", leads workshops both online and around the world, and offers 1:1 coaching programs.

Getting Unstuck

There can be nothing more frustrating than the feeling that you’re working hard, using your skills and doing all the right things but still somehow feeling 'stuck'. Lisa shares her journey from care work to business leader, and how she found a way to combine these skills, experiences and interests to doing what she loves.

Lisa Benoist • Global Manager Strategic Content at

Lisa loves leading diverse teams to solve problems, mentoring and coaching people to fulfil their potential. For over a decade she’s led a variety of diverse and international teams in creating awesome content at any scale for Lisa is also vice-chair for B.Equal, with a mission to make the number one place to work for women at all life and career stages. When she’s not working on any of those things, she can be found exploring new places in Amsterdam with her family, leading digital detox workshops with her creative partner at Analogue Cabin or reading a good biography.

#MeBeyond, a steep learning curve

Being a change agent entails listening to one self, constantly asking questions and above all, taking risks. I started my career as an actress, then navigated to neuroscience and was happily asking questions on learning and memory. Why do we learn? When do we stop learning? What drives us to learn? At later point I decided I am less concerned with how neurons learn, but more how organizations learn. How does leadership unleash a team's potential to urge them to be curious and learn even more. I would like to share with you my journey from acting, neuroscience and agile coaching paved with many failures, rejections that finally integrate into success and self achievement.

Dr. Lina Yassin • Neuroscientist, researcher and Agile enabler.

Dr. Lina Yassin is passionate about solving problems by posing and validating hypotheses. At her current job at Delivery Hero, she leads the Agile chapter driving Culture promoting team’s self-organization, performance and growth at scale. She is keen on bringing the accuracy of a scientist, the creativity of a theatre enthusiast and the systematic approach of a teacher to create better services that will empower people. She seeks to be a change catalyst driving curiosity at organizations.

Resilience and Self-Love

Based on different traumatic experiences at different stages of my life as a child, teenager, woman, and mother, I explain how I was able to connect to my life power and find the strength to rise again. I have been conceptualizing Booty Therapy for 24 years. This life power is in each of us, I guide you to know how to use it.

Maïmouna Rouge Coulibaly • Choreographer Director Performer

Maimouna Coulibaly is a French artist with a Malian immigrant family background. She was born in France and raised in Paris' suburb of Grigny. Maimouna moved to Berlin one year ago. Maïmouna studied theater at a French university and trained in various performing arts. She has assumed multiple roles in recent years including dance teacher and trainer (Dancehall, Afrobeat...), Speaker, TV presenter (on TRACE TV), Stage Director, Actress, Vocal Doubler and Choreographer.

Maïmouna exudes strength, overflowing energy and feminine empowerment. She has developed and popularized the concept of Booty therapy across Europe and in the US where she performed on several occasions with her group of dancers, Les Ambianceuses.

What is life without risk

Meera Parikh is a risk taker, she moved continents, started her own health & wellness company, Spirante Yoga, switched to tech after 10 years in education, and backpacked through Southeast Asia for a year. These weren't natural choices for her but they were pivotal. Meera will discusses the moments and framework that led her to take risks which led to a life with more purpose.

Meera Parikh • Strategic Planning and Business Operations @ Omio

Meera Parikh started her career in traditional finance to understand how different parts of a company contribute and interact to drive growth. She then shifted to work in management positions at public sector organizations to solve some of the most pressing issues in education. Most recently, she transitioned to the tech industry and leads Business Strategy and Operations at Omio, a fast-growing tech company that provides a seamless search and booking experience for travelers. She grew up in New Jersey and spent time in Asia, New York, Philadelphia, and now Berlin. She's an avid traveler, certified scuba diver, and professional yoga teacher.

Being a leader, even without the official job title

Regardless of the country, the role or the company or industry, the one thing that has been consistent is me looking for ways to enable women to find opportunities in the core area of the business. To do so I build off ideas I have seen and heard about and see how best to scale and add a spin suitable for the company I am in. In each step along my career I have been able to make an impact by leading change one initiative at a time and all this without working in an official leadership role. I'd like to share with you how I have identified opportunities to lead from within, what tools I have learned to use through experience and growth opportunities I have been given and also how I knew to move from environment hindering me from thriving and making an impact for topics dear to my heart.

Leslie Boadum • Partner Success Manger | Channel Consultant @ HubSpot

Leslie is a born and raised Berlin City Girl, yet she's lived and worked in several different countries. As a digital native she's always worked on digital projects regardless of the environment. Being passionate about strengthening the female workforce she has always worked on mentoring projects for students both in schools and universities. With the move into the corporate world she also found ways to unlock strengths and opportunities for women to advance them in their career.

She started off at Google working with SMBs and later moved to working with Google's largest Branding Clients. After a brief stint at a Swiss Bank digitalizing the internal processes she is now a proud HubSpotter. Regardless of her role she has always made sure to work on improving the status quo for women on the side, both within businesses as well as outside of them.


Step out of your comfort zone to own your story

The most powerful communication tool of today, the one which has the power to reach people is storytelling. Caroline will explain what career storytelling means and how you can use this tool in order to nail your very own professional story. She will use a method which is beyond the narrow pattern of composing a traditional CV which luckily is seen as a more and more outdated format anyway.

Dr. Caroline Harth • Business Storyteller

Since 2010 she has been developing PR strategies for companies, non-profit organizations, foundations, and start-ups. At a London production company, she trained as a video producer and managed the Berlin office. She is running Harth communications, a Berlin-based PR consultancy and video production company. Her core strength is cutting long stories short which help companies in many ways: E.g. expressing company values, nailing marketing and PR stories into the necessary social media format.

Gentle achiever: challenging your status quo with self-care and self-compassion

Too much, too early, too fast. Goal setting and achieving put us at risk to forget who we are and what it is we need to thrive and stay happy and healthy. Gentle achiever workshop is for those who know that you shine the brightest when you are relaxed enough to be fully yourself. This workshop will show you ways to align authenticity, achieving, and goal setting. Stay happy and healthy while conquering the world the gentle way!

Friederike Galland • Speaker and founder

Friederike Galland is an internationally awarded speaker and founder of Topgun Speaking. Rhetoric is her great passion, her life topic. As a politician, she learned that speaking/communication is the number one tool to foster change and growth. She is passionate about passing on her knowledge. Her clients prove that éveryone can grow into a charismatic speaker and leader. Watching her clients grow and achieve their goals is her greatest reward. She regularly seeks new challenges as this forces her to grow beyond herself.

Leverage your wardrobe to shine your power and strengths

Intelligence, education, expertise and hard work need to be seen, valued and re- membered – if you want to perceived as a leader in your field. Identifying personality strengths empowers women to harness their potential power as well successfully manage areas that might otherwise hold them back. Dressing with confidence on professional occassions, both casual and formal, while remaining true to yourself is a valuable skill. Executive presence isn't a measure of performance, but a signal you're in charge or deserve to be.

Lisa Maria Pippus • Personal Branding and Style Consultancy for Executive Women

Lisa Maria Pippus is a holistic coach, empowering her clients to leverage the power of their personal brand and strengths. She has 25 years experience helping European and international clients align their inner values to outer visual communication. Lisa empowers her clients to increase their executive presence, deal more effectively with conflict and lead themselves better in order to role model and lead others. Her expertise is leadership communication, personal branding, image consulting and fashion design. Style is a Language coaching and workshops are inspiring, challenging and results-oriented.

Paint your dreams

It's not easy letting things go and to always know what´s really important in our lifes.

In the „Paint your dreams“-Workshop Claudia will guide you to help to release your emotions and creativity to make your dreams come true (maybe not only on paper ). While YOU you are painting...(yes! you get to paint!) a guided meditation will inspire your experience.

No worries and no judgement. You do not need to be an artist. The "end goal" will be to learn to free flow with our paint and create a great memory and visualization that will inspire and give you energy.

Claudia-Rabia Mönnig • Keynote Speaker and Trainer

Claudia-Rabia Mönnig is a motivational speaker, creativity and productivity trainer & coach and artist. Former she workes as online marketing consultant until she decided to follow her dreams. Since childhood, Claudia has been passionately driven to inspire others through creative self expression and a huge field of interests. She loves to combine the power of creativity and productivity and support people especially women, to realize their goals and to reach out their full potential.

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom” – Aristotle.

Let’s take a fun tour through personality types based on the MBTI®, and gain some tools to explore your unique personality and leverage differences. The MBTI® builds a powerful framework for a (self)-discovery journey into personality dimensions and types to unleash your potential:

  • Finding where you are in the flow, your strengths and where you can expand your boundaries
  • Exploring others’ personalities to better communicate, persuade, collaborate and innovate.

Gaelle Piernikarch • Founder & CEO of Cambiana. Change & Leadership expert, Executive coach

Gaelle's MBTI Type is ENTP – the “Enterprising Explorer” type. As the founder and CEO of Cambiana, she brings her strategic vision and enthusiasm to the company. In the past twelve years, she has also been designing and leading international leadership and team development programs, as well as change and transformation projects, for over 5,000 executives and their teams worldwide.

A certified business coach trained in Appreciative Inquiry and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® practitioner with 20 years’ business experience in international positions, she highly values diversity and appreciation. In this respect, she loves using the MBTI® as it sets a compelling and strengths-based personality framework that helps people thrive and grow in today's multicultural and ever-changing workplace, unleashing the power of emotional and collective intelligence.

Agile way of working

55 min hands-on workshop. In this session, you will experience how to get fast better working results with agile methods like e.g. Kanban or Scrum that provide a more iterative, adaptive and inclusive way of working. Learn how the simple rules of Kanban has helped transform the every day life in many different business areas, including IT, Marketing, Legal and Operations. We will walk the basics of Agile working and how the principles behind helps you do more with less.

Julia Kümmel • Digital Consulting, Agile Coaching and Organizational Design

Julia is an Enterprise Agile Coach and co-maker at making things happen, helping business, marketing and IT teams to succeed with agile and lean methodologies. She is rooted in marketing and digital innovation and is passionate to use her operational and managerial experience to help teams, executives and company leaders to make their operations and org design both flexible and robust. She supports e.g. Zalando, Yello, Yamaha/Steinberg or Babbel on a more iterative and adaptive way of working. For example by introducing Kanban, Scrum or OKRs.

Practicing bold communication

How to get out of the “nice girl” corner by communicating clearly, making your point and avoiding minimizing language while stating a requirement.

This workshop is aiming at the participants to reflect on their own experiences in meetings, career development talks and other situations when a bold communication style is required. We want to encourage women to speak up and feel confident when addressing difficult topics. The workshop is a mix of knowhow sharing and hands-on exercises on how to avoid minimizing language, how to speak up and how to make your point in challenging situations.

We will share our own experiences, hints and tricks on how we deal with such situations in professional communication.

Henriette Leder • Team Lead Logistics Controlling in Zalando

Experience of more than 10 years in the finance sector, thereof 3 years of experience in leading teams and people (currently 15 people). Her strengths are stakeholder communication, setting up team structures, team development and mentoring women in their careers.

Go fly with your superpowers

How to realize your full potential and live in a state of flow.

In this workshop, let’s use intuition, self reflection and peer coaching to define our zone of genius. Sometimes, we hold ourselves back or even sabotage ourselves as we are not sure about our superpowers, what are absolute strengths to others, we find normal or embarrassing. Or we don’t dare to step into our zone and keep playing it safe... so: let’s help each other define it and then go fly!

Judith Jungmann • CHRO at Beckers Group

Judith has 20+ years of experience in the people function, she moved x industries and internationally and still is fascinated about unleashing potential of individuals and organisations.