"If you have knowledge, let others light their candle in"

Margaret Fuller

Berlin is growing as an exciting place for business and entrepreneurs. 

A lot of the participants in "Rising Pineapples" Conference 1st Edition asked if we could run this event on a regular basis, with shorter formats. As there are already quite some communities in Berlin, better to leverage the existing. 

We recommend : 

for  women in executive positions

A Female Executive Business Network across industries: exclusive, personal and loyal with the motto #strongertogether. The mission is to increase the number of female top managers in German-speaking countries and make female leaders more visible in media and on conference stages.

for all women

Panda promotes ambitious, capable, charismatic women - and brings them together.  Panda makes women visible by offering them a great network, an exchange platform and impulses for their personal development. Panda brings them together with companies, jobs and opportunities.

for women in leadership position

In the true spirit of LeanIn we share and discuss experiences in a safe and fun environment where we can all learn from each other. 

for be or to-be entrepreneurs

A series of events dedicated to women, tech and entrepreneurship. 

for women in technology

We are a global ecosystem founded to support women and diversity in business and technology. 

for all women

Coaching platform for women in all career level. In German only. Initiative from Edition F. 

for  women 

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